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Monday, 2 May 2016

My 50th Birthday Celebration


To celebrate my 50th birthday, I hired a train on the Watercress Line hauled by the class 50 diesel locomotive 50027 Lion. A 50 for my 50th!

Firstly a big thank you to the loco crew including Driver Rob Forster, Guards Richard Stevens & Chris Jones and Buffet Stewardess Freda Lawes.

An even bigger thank you to my Dad who helped cover the cost of the train. A totally unexpected surprise when I joined with my family for a meal on my actual birthday.

The train used the Real Ale Train set of 6 coaches and did 5 round trips from Alresford. I just did 4 round trips from Alton.

Train times and beer list below:

Below is the working timetable for the day to show how my train slotted in between the service trains. Please note that this is (C) Mid-Hants Railway and is reproduced here with their permission.

I also produced Reservation Notices for the train.

In fact having my own bar on my own train made me feel like the Stanley Holloway character in the film The Titfield Thunderbolt.

Mr Valentine

I suppose I ought to add some photos taken on the day.

Train arrives at Alton station for the 1000 departure:

And ready for departure

Some photos at Alresford

Here are some photos of people on the train:

Guard: Richard Stevens, wearing a black tie as he is also the Guards Inspector

Freda Lawes selling nice things in the Buffet Car

Guard: Chris Jones. He was the evening RAT Guard but worked the last round trip of my train.

I tried to take photos of all on the train but I missed a few.

The beer (wooden boxed polypins were for my guests):

(C) Tony Davis
 Matt Bentley (in photo below) took photos on the day both on and off the train, with his friend Andy Goss videoing. Thank you to both.

Some more odds and sods photos to finish with:

It was a great day, everyone enjoyed it, thanks to all that took part.