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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Brewhouse & Kitchen - Dorchester


After spending a few hours in Weymouth, I stopped off in Dorchester. This was my final pub visit of the day.

One of a chain of currently 16 in the chain.

Some photos of the onsite brewery.

Seven of their beers were available and I has a third of each. They do 3 thirds for £3 if i remember correctly.

My favourites were the Mayor of Casterbridge Porter and the Cerne Abbas Giant American IPA.

Here are some photos inside the pub:

And outside:

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Snooty Fox Beer North London Brew Fest


A pleasant few hours here including 2 new brewery's for me.

my table companions

festival stillage
beers at the bar
Finally 2 photos of the tasting notes

Manchester and Stockport


A few days in Manchester again for the Manchester Beer and Cider Festival

held once again at Manchester Central.

Once again I worked the Thursday evening in the foyer. I only took one photo. Can you spot the mistake?


Today was spent visiting some new pubs for me in Manchester plus a few old favourites.

I started at a new brewpub called Gas Works.

the brewery:

the bar:

the beer list:

the stillage:

Next stop was The Brink

then the Gas Lamp

Cafe Beermoth was next (no photos)

Then the Pilcrow

Then to the Smithfield, Bar Fringe, Soup Kitchen and Port St Beerhouse (no photos)


A long overdue visit to Stockport pubs today.

A view of the bus station and viaduct

Also seen

First pub was the Hope, home of the Fool Hardy brewery.

Then the Railway


Bakers Vaults
Cocked Hat

Calverts Court Wetherspoons - no photo but I did take a photo of the local brewery

Petersgate Tap

Then I went back to Manchester to the Beer Nouveau Brewery Tap. Extended since my visit last year and a proper bar as well. Same friendly welcome and a very pleasant relaxing evening drinking some fine beers.

the entrance

beer menu

Steve the brewer

 So another enjoyable trip away. Will probably go back to the beer festival next year.

Now for the beers I had.

Manchester – Piccadilly Tap:
Track – Pekoe 5.9%, Torrside – West of the Sun 4.5%, Summer Wine – Drop Dead Red 5%
All thirds

Manchester Beer Festival:
Five Clouds – Seasonal Pale – Winter 5%, Mallinsons – Serious Blendin’ Volume 4  4.4%
Langwith – Stumpy’s Bitter 3.8%, Lucy Locket 5.1%, Lancaster – Sorachi 4.1%
Ninety Ninety – Dark Spaces and Empty Places 5%, Pale Ale 4.2%
Wily Fox – Blonde Vixen 3.8%, Intrepid Blonde 4%
Strands – T’Errmm-inator 5%, Stubborn Mule – Mosaic Single Hop 5.7%,
Tarn Hows – Beertrix Porter 5%, Hardknott – Neutron Jester 4%
Runaway – Dry Irish Stout 4.5%, NZ Pale 4.2%, Pale 4.7%, Hophurst – Cosmati 4.2%,
Brightside – Citra Blonde 4.2%, Equinox 5%, US Cask Lager 4.3%,
Blackjack – Black Maria 5.8%, Centennial Light 3.6%, Texas Hold ‘Em 4.8%,
All thirds

Gas Works - Refectory Ale 4% (1/2)
Brightside – Wildside East Coast Pale Ale 5% (1/2)
Gas Lamp
Wiper & True – Amber Ale Simcoe & Rye 4.9% (1/3)
Café Beermoth
Mallinsons – Simcoe XL 4.9%, Squawk – El Dorado Chinook IPA 5.2%,
Track – Double Sonoma DIPA 8.2% (all 1/3)
Cloudwater – Autumn & Winter Mittelfruh Lager 4.8%, Fourpure – Shape Shifter IPA 5.9%.
Crafty Devil - Devil at the Door 5.4%, (all 1/3)
Mighty Medicine – Hop Toffee 3.8%, Cheshire Brewhouse – Sorachi Ale 5.8% (both 1/2)
Bar Fringe
Hydes – Provenance West Coast Wheat Ale 4% (1/2)
Soup Kitchen
Tempest – White Light 4.7% (1/2)
Port St Beer House
Track – Treble Cone 5.5% (1/2)

The Hope
Fool Hardy – Rise from The Ashes 3.9%, Ranting B#st#rds 5.9%
Stamps – Mail Train 4.2$ (1/2), Northallerton – Snow Storm 3.8% (1/2)
Framework - US Pale (Pattern#USP0002) 3.8% (1/2)
Lees – Dragon’s Fire 4% (1/2)
Pictish – Talisman IPA 4.2% (1/2)
Bakers Vaults
No record made of beer
Williams Bros – March of the Penguins 4.9% (1/2)
Cocked Hat
Manning – Music Man 4.2% (1/2)
Calverts Court (Wetherspoons)
Adnams/Sixpoint – Make It Rain 5% (1/2)
Petersgate Tap
Peerless – Knee-Buckler IPA 502%, Thirst Class – American Brown Ale 5.6% (both 1/2)

Beer Nouveau Brewery:
Peterloo 4%, Medlock 4.1%, T EIPA 6.6%, West Coast (key keg) 5.5% all 1/2)